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Posted By: Kernow John
18-Jan-99 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: recorder music
Subject: RE: recorder music

The metal recorder is made by a company called Kobliczek and is called a Silberton.
It is a parallel bore silver plated brass 2 piece tube (tuneable), quite heavy to hold.
The end double holes are set in the tube at an angle with a rt.hand thumb rest half way down.
The mouthpiece is hard to describe but it basically consists of a wooden plug in the cutaway tube
and a curved section of wood that fits in front of the fipple and is adjustable to change the tone.

My wife had been thinking of trying to get one for some time but the shop she deals with had given up hope of being able to get one. Then just prior to her birthday last year I phoned the shop on the off chance and the guy said 2 have just come into the country do you want one of them? As it turned out the other one had been damaged coming through customs.

The shop catalogue describes them as brilliant recorders for buskers and folk groups. He only sells recorders and doesn't usually lavish praise easily.

Hope this saga has been of use.

Regards Baz.