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Posted By: Kathleen Morgain
19-Jan-99 - 07:51 PM
Thread Name: Nic Jones
Subject: Nic Jones
I know I'm revisiting an old thread here, but I've just received a copy of "In Search Of", the compilation of old Nic Jones recordings. Being a long time fan, I love it.

They included a nice note thanking me for sending an international money order. But I had a heckuva time getting that. I'm not a customer of any commercial bank, so none locally (Seattle) would sell one to me. I went to the Post Office, where first I was told they don't do that, then went back again after finding out they do, and paying $8 for the privilege of having to give them the current exchange rate. (The clerk first mentioned it would be something like $700. - I'm not making this up). That bought me a certificate I then had to send to St Louis, with information on where to send the fourteen pounds sterling and where Mollie Music was to send the CD.

Next time, and I hope there is enough previously unreleased material for a "next time", I will go to a commercial bank, pay for a twenty pound note (Britain so far, is holding off on the euro) and just send that through the mail to Mollie Music. Slightly more cash for them, slightly cheaper for me, and a lot less hassle.

This sounds too much like a rant, so for those of you who have made it through this far, there's a happy ending.

For others who can't get Nic's music out of their heads and can't ever find any of the old albums, I've made a new internet aquaintance who says he has taped them for me and that they're on their way. If they really show up, I'll be happy to pass the favor on to people here who may be interested.