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Posted By: GeorgeH
13-Sep-01 - 08:00 AM
Thread Name: A Peace Pledge
Subject: RE: A Peace Pledge
Kat, the most sincere thanks.

Who said "Love thine enemy"? (Rhetorical question). Love denies the possibility of enacting revenge.

RichM, not only must one be ready to teach ones enemy, one must be equally ready to be taught by them.

There is a story of a leading Martial Arts teacher who had a reputation for the physical chastisement of his pupils. Word of this reached the teacher's own sensi, who visited his dojo one afternoon to watch the classes.

At the end of the clases the teacher approached his mentor, who commented:

"Your teaching is very fine, but I notice that sometimes you strike your pupils."

"Indeed, sensi, but it is always for their own good. I love my pupils and want only the best for them."

"I see. If you never strike them with anger in your heart then I am sure you are correct."
(If I could remember the source I'd acknowledge it; I suspect it's K. Tohei).