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Posted By: katlaughing
13-Sep-01 - 11:06 AM
Thread Name: A Peace Pledge
Subject: RE: A Peace Pledge
Doug, in none of my posts over the past few days have I said I do not believe we should go after whoever is guilty of this tragedy. (I still think we should take our Saddam Hussein! BUT, there will always be others to take their place.)

BUT, I have also posted a few, what I think are balancing perspectives (the Dalai Lama & the press release about the Indian governement's Vedic Shield project), which offer something beyond war, for all humans to strive for, as, even if we do get whoever is guilty, it will still be the same old shit, different day, in the way the world goes about its business, i.e. the way the governments think and operate. Yes, they will be on their toes more and we will see some freedoms lost because of it, but the basic financial and political machines will still operate in the same way.

All I am saying is that if we REALLY want to change the world and believe that we CAN make it a better place of peace, then we have to start with ourselves. I don't want to make war on my neighbours; I'd rather be peaceful with them and get along. Our government mind-set has always been the opposite because of politics involved. Well, I am saying, beyond this week's horrible events, while the governments sort it out and take out whomever was involved, WE, the ordinary people of our planet CAN try a different mind-set and believe that we can create a different world than we now hove.

Someone said in another thread that the New Age was dead. I say Fuck that. The new age was a misnomer, as some of the principles and ideas have been around for centuries; in fact at the turn of the last century there were far thinkers who had already been using the metaphysical principles of what people now call the "new age." Yes, it has attracted some fringe elements and some very stupid, gullible people, but if one really examines the metaphysical principles of some of it, they are sound and ancient.

If one has to be ridiculed for believing in such principles and in believing that WE have the power within our minds and hearts to change our world, then so be it. It has never been a popular stance, anyway. Most people would much rather not take that much responsibility for their lives and all that happens to them. It's a lot easier to blame something on "god" than to look at our consciousness and examine our patterns of thinking.

This is not rose coloured glasses thinking. It is more a view of how can I, as an individual, help balance the world, through my thinking, words, and actions, because I know it's not a pretty sight most of the time.

I believe it matters what we put into our subconcsious. I believe it is like a computer, it accepts whatever data we put into it and has no way of discerning whether it is positive or good, it takes everything for literal truth. I believe our subconscious can manifest what we put into it, good or bad, because of its wide-open acceptance of what we program it with. I believe we need to be careful of that imput and watch our words and thinking. And, that is why I believe, regardless of what the immediate future holds in the needs of retaliation, etc., that I can hold onto a hope for peace and try to create it within my own very small world in the hopes others will do the same and we can get a "ripple" effect. I recognise it could take longer than my lifetime, but I would be damning my soul (in my mind and heart) if I did not do this and I don't even wanna think about what the next lifetime would be like if I do that!