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Posted By: Jim Dixon
13-Sep-01 - 08:16 PM
Thread Name: Fed up
Subject: RE: Fed up
UB Ed, John in Hull: Let's give Mr. Cheydi some credit. "Nostradamus ate my hamster" was HIS line. A while ago, people were saying "good riddance" to him, and now you're stealing his lines!

Murray MacLeod: I didn't get the Grant Baynham reference, but it appears that Jim Cheydi at least had a sense of humor. All the more reason it's a shame people are abusing him.

Jon Freeman: I'm not sure if you were addressing me or Jim Cheydi, but "emotions running high" are no excuse for attacking an innocent bystander.

Sinsull: "These threads are the only place some us have to vent." OK, if you people who are of like minds want to vent your feelings on each other, be my guest, but I still am offended when people vent them on innocent bystanders.