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Posted By: English Jon
14-Sep-01 - 06:53 AM
Thread Name: Fed up
Subject: RE: Fed up
I'm Jim's Cousin. Maybe I can shed some light.

Things that piss him off include those people (you know who you are) who continually blame England/the English for all the evils of the world, this is most prominent in I.R.A. related threads, mainly, it would appear by Irish Wannabes - people who have little or no Irish blood, yet romanticise the cause of Irish independance.

He is NOT a supporter of the British Government. He is NOT racist in any way. He is however, like myself, a strong believer in the validity of English culture and doesn't like to see Englishness continually decried.

For example, jingoistic little comments like all the business about how the "americans are the only nation in the world to build aircraft" (from that canadian article someone posted) would probably piss him off a bit. Particularly when you consider that boeing use rolls royce engines, the american military still uses harrier jets, concorde is still the fastest civillian plane etc.

B.T.W. He is a consumate musician, has an I.Q. of 160 and a highly developed sense of humour. He's also the sort of bloke who would give you his last penny.

But anyway, he's probably mostly pissed off with all the threads calling for DEATH TO THE RAGHEADS etc... yes it is an emotional time for all of us, but that doesn't make it alright to be a biggot. The I.R.A. blew a big hole in Ealing, London a couple of months ago. Jim and I both lived there for a while. Didn't even warrant a mention on the 'cat. Imagine if I'd posted "Irish bastards blew up my home" - there would be outrage, and rightly so: the actions of a small number of extremists is not representative of the wishes of the nation. Anyway, our gran is London Irish and I know it wasn't her.

I'm afraid there is a fair amount of nastiness on Mudcat. Again, it's a small number of contributors with outspoken and vindictive prejudices that spoil it for everyone else.

And I think that's why he's left.

Sorry about that. EJ