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Posted By: Paul from Hull
14-Sep-01 - 09:38 PM
Thread Name: Fed up
Subject: RE: Fed up
I'm GUESSING (& it is pure guesswork, cos I dont know Jim at all) that maybe he left 'noisily' to give people who he maybe thought were aware that they had offended him the chance to 'apologise' or whatever. If that was the case, well, its a shame that he got the comments he did.

Now I dont know what upset Jim (so I dont have any inkling as to WHO he has fallen out with, if anyone in particular) so I'm NOT pointing fingers (& havent been here long enough to be so 'presumptious' as to do so anyway) but with the exception of those strange people who come on here with the intention of annoying us, I would have thought we were all friends, accepting of each other.

Ok, we cant ALL get on with EVERYONE, ALL of the expect that would be flying in the face of human nature. Maybe something has been said in the heat of the moment...ALL of us have been overwrought in the past few days....some understandably moreso than others (I'd guess that over THIS side of the Pond only those who have been unfortunate enough to lose someone feel quite as bad as do the American people) We share your grief, of course, that goes without saying....but we cant plumb the depths of it.

Well..this has wandered well away from whatever point I was trying to make...sorry....I think I'll just leave it there