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Posted By: Susan A-R
14-Sep-01 - 11:45 PM
Thread Name: Americans Light a Candle Fri 14th 7p EST
Subject: RE: Americans Light a Candle Fri 14th 7p EST
I walked home from work at about 7:30 and there were candles all along Barre St, a fairly tough working class neighborhood. I joined a couple of kids for a moment, having no candle to hand, and they shared.

Gargoyle, I guess I have always had rugged feelings about flag flying, but this week has made me realize that this is my home. I'm mad at its leadership, economic policies, foreign policies, militarism, race relztions and more, much of the time, but it's the place where most of the people I love in any sort of personal way live. Having spent the better part of Tuesday trying to find three cousins, my brother and his family (successfully, I might add) I now have a deeper understanding of the lives of innocent bystanders, and I also have a deeper sense of this as home.

I probably won't put out a flag, but I did come home and put out a candle on my porch (we're due for a frost tonight, so I didn't stay out with it.) I talk to a lot of just plain folks, the guys who deliver the produce, paper products and dry goods to my kitchen, the mail man, customers, kids along Barre st, and there's none of the boast and brag I heard around the Gulf War. People are troubled and angry and sad, but they all want to se if we can possibly get it right. Some of 'em fly flags, and perhaps before Tuesday, that would have meant the usual to them and to me, but I know I see things differently now, and they may as well.

Lots of light out there tonight. Let's hope we can find a way to do this right.