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Posted By: toadfrog
15-Sep-01 - 08:33 PM
Thread Name: Prayer-Free Mourning
Subject: RE: Prayer-Free Mourning
Doug, I asked a question, and you evaded it. I asked just what you folks think a war on terrorism would entail. And the answer seems to be, we should trust the "experts" on that.

I feel a little like Rhett Butler talking to future rebels at the outset of the Civil War. You "don't think people . . . are thinking about cost." If they aren't, they should. People may assume that there are no costs, until they are asked to pay them. We are asked to believe that "experts," read "Generals," know what to do. They don't. They know everything about hitting targets and carrying out amphibious landings. Since they know these things, they are likely to assume that these are the things which now must be done. That is a very scary thought, because these things can very well be self-defeating when the "enemy" has no beaches to land on, or armies to defeat.

Sure. Turn everything over to people who want to prove how much power they can project. Give them unlimited access to resources to do it. Don't count the costs. But don't ask prosperous folks to pay those costs, either. Son't raise my taxes to pay them. And don't get any of my grandchildren killed. Somebody else's grandchildren, maybe.

Those are the slogans that made Ronald Reagan great.

Isn't the idea of "war on terrorism" just a bit grandiose