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Posted By: Pelrad
15-Sep-01 - 10:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: You Know You're Distracted When...
Subject: RE: BS: You Know You're Distracted When...
I woke up this morning with a cat sitting on my chest, her face directly in mine. Message received: feed us or we will poop where you'll never find it. Forgot to feed the kids, wondered why they were getting grouchy. Then I fed the kids but forgot to feed myself. Went shopping for food, managed not to buy a single thing I could eat (as in, not allergic to some ingredient therein). The kids are happy, though; they've got four boxes of granola bars, which I never buy.

Thank goodness for Garrison Keillor and Prairie Home Companion. I turned it on today out of habit, and realized it was the first time all week I've listened to music. I redeemed myself with my children by having our usual Saturday evening hoedown in the kitchen.