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Posted By: Banjer
16-Sep-01 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: people arguing to much
Subject: RE: BS: people arguing to much
What is the difference between 'arguing' and 'discussing'? Doesn't there need to be an 'argument' in order to have a 'discussion'? Isn't an argument a difference of opinion requiring a discussion to resolve it?

The difference as I see it is which side of the fence you are on. A child who has a different opinion than his parent thinks he is 'discussing' the issue, while the parent sees the child as 'arguing'. If the parent wants to sit down with the little brat and 'discuss' something, it is later said by the brat that 'me and my parents got into an argument' (especially if said 'discussion' didn't go the way the brat would have wanted it to.