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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
16-Sep-01 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: New York Catters... a proposal...
Subject: RE: New York Catters... a proposal...
OK transatlanic folkies! Any reason we cannot put the date thing to bed and go for April 20? Unless Larry cannot do that one I don't see any reason, from my point of view, why not. As I said before I know we will never please everyone but someone has to get the ball rolling or we will never get anywhere. Unless we get any strong reasons against by, say, end of day, New York Time, tomorrow (Mon 17 Sept) I suggest we go for it. I will start researching venues Tuesday.


What do we call it BTW? Something 'snappy'? How about taking a leaf out of Bill Sables book and using, with his permission of course, something like 'Bridging the Gap'? Or something more relevant to Mudcat and the help we are trying to raise? Folk for Peace? Any ideas?


Dave the Gnome