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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Sep-01 - 10:34 AM
Thread Name: Recovering from Trauma
Subject: Recovering from Trauma
Most of us here, I think, know a couple of things about dealing with trauma. But it's hard to remember in these times to DO them. This thread can serve as a reminder to DO THEM... and while you're at it, jot down here what you know, in case it might help someone else.

Most of what I know is listed at length over at the Annexe.

The short version is: Find the best, brightest, most wonderful thing about human beings and the world that you can-- through song, movies, reading, looking at things around you-- focus till the goodness seeps into your numb spots. When the throat gets a lump, remind yourself it's important to cry when you need to... the tears will come, then or later. In someone's lap if at all possible. (Mine, virtually, if not.)

After the storm of tears is past, with all the thunder still echoing, put the attention on something that really requires it-- something absorbing and demanding of simple attention, like piecing out a tune from notes on the page, or recalling Mudcat thread titles from memory, or looking up stuff in old threads. This will get your mind back into present time and return you to good function after being swamped in the storm. Be disciplined about this part or you will stay sunk and not be thinking well.

Over the succeeding hours (days), keep busy doing light, simple, sunshiny-fresh-air-filled things so your mind can sort out what the storm has so thoroughly washed for you.

And drink lots of water, take lots of B and C vitamins, and LAUGH, especially when it seems inappropriate!



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