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Posted By: McGrath of Harlow
17-Sep-01 - 10:40 AM
Thread Name: USA and the World
Subject: RE: USA and the World
And at a time like that I've just heard on the BBC that George Bush has said that this is "a Crusade against evildoers". Which to a Muslim must sound a bit like hearing that a German leader has invoked the memory of Hitler to rally support in a time of crisis.

That kind of language and that kind of thinking is insane. At this very moment the Pakistan government trying to force the Taliban to back down. Expressions of support and sympathy have come from Muslims in many parts of the world.

And George Bush calls for a Crusade. This is going to cost lives, including the lives of Americans. The people who organised this thing must be rejoicing to hear Bush's words. He's given them what they must have been dreaming of.

I'm hoping he'll apologise and explain it was a slip of the tongue, though that won't undo all the damage. But I'm frightened that it actually reflects the way he and the people around him are thinking.