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Posted By: Suffet
18-Sep-01 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: The New Battle Hymn (Suffet)
Subject: The New Battle Hymn
I have heard it said that the first casualty of war is the truth.

---- Steve

"The New Battle Hymn of the Republic"
Music: "John Brown's Body" ("The Battle Hymn of the Republic")
Words: Stephen L. Suffet © 2001

Stanzas only, low and dirgelike, without choruses.

An evil hand of terror has smitten our land,
Cruel war is thrust upon us, and united we shall stand,
But before we loose the dogs of war, the truth we shall demand.
May the truth go shining on!

Are our weapons so intelligent, are our bombs so smart,
The evil and the innocent our bombs can tell apart?
Or together will they perish once the bombings start?
May the truth go shining on!

And if we march to battle in the Good Lord's Holy Name,
How are we so different from the ones we choose to blame?
War is never holy; it is evil and profane.
May the truth go shining on!

And the ones whose souls are guided by the sacred Inner Light,
Shall we brand them all as traitors because they will not fight?
Shall we lock them into prisons and keep them out of sight?
May the truth go shining on!

And the one we call Bin Laden, oh may the truth be known,
We armed him and we trained him when we claimed him as our own;
Now he bites the hand that fed him, we have reaped what we have sown.
May the truth go shining on!

Will we who fight for freedom ourselves succumb to hate?
Or will our ranks be open wide to all who'd risk our fate?
The hand that smote our nation knew neither gay nor straight.
May the truth go shining on!

And when the battle's over, will those who now protect,
Be treated then with decency, with honor and respect?
Or will they suffer homelessness, depression and neglect?
May the truth go shining on!

Yes, although war is evil, we still may choose to fight,
The lesser of two evils may bring us through this night,
But let us not deceive ourselves that two wrongs make a right.
May the truth go shining on!