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Posted By: Herga Kitty
18-Sep-01 - 05:47 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dorset Is Beautiful (Bob Gale)
As I recall, the words were on the lines of the following:

As I was a walking one day with a lass
Some Dorsetshire farmers us happened to pass
And one of 'em said loudly as we passed 'un by
There be more birds in the long grass than there be in the sky

Now Sarah is me girlfriend and I do love her so
Though she's big as an 'aystack and forty years old
Farmer Brown he takes one look at her and aloud he do scoff
Says, boy you has to leave a chalk mark to show where you left off.

Farmer Brown he looks at Gwendolyn and he looks at young Ned
What a handsome young couple, they ought to be wed.
But alas cried the farmer, 'tis impossible of course.
For Gwendolyn's me daughter and Neddy's me horse.

Oh Gwendolyn went milking with Nelly the cow
She pulled and she wrestled but she didn't quite know how
And after a while Nelly turned with a frown
Just you hang on a little tighter love and I'll jump up and down.^^


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