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Posted By: Mike Billo
23-Jan-99 - 11:12 PM
Thread Name: Playing inspite of injury/disability
Subject: RE: Playing inspite of injury/disability
I had a severe case of tendonitis in the late '80's, and was informed that there was a Doctor at University of California San Francisco (whose name, I'm sorry, I don't remember) who was redesigning musical instruments to incorporate "correct" body mechanics, with an emphasis on neutral positions that place the arms in front of you such as lap steel. Dobro,keyboards and wind instruments shaped in a straight lines such as the tin whistle and clarinet. During my bout with tendonitis, (which I have since recovered from thanks to extensive occupational therapy)I had to give up fiddle and mandolin entirely, and I've never been able to fully come back to them. Instead I focused on my harmonica playing, experimentation with open tunings, and discovered the wonders of the humble Ukulele, a MUCH overlooked instrument.Perhaps a web search on "Body Mechanics" could yield the name of the doctor at UCSF re-inventing instruments. Best of luck to you in your important work, with the hope that it will benefit many.