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19-Sep-01 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: British-American cultural differences 3
Subject: RE: BS: British-American cultural differences 3
once you've copiced your Hazel you use whole wands (lengths of hazel) as the upwrites of your hurdle (panel)(the weft I think in weaving terms) & then you take wands you've split down the centre, (lengthways), and weave them in & out of your uprights. (there your weft) origanly, like murray said they where used for making tempory live-stock pens, but now your more likely to see them in peoples gardens than the british country side.

2. If kids can't buy fireworks, what DO they do with the money they collect when they go around calling "a penny for the guy"? (I know that in some cases the money is collected for charity, but is that the only thing nowadays?) ????????????????? Sweets (candy) or pokamon cards I expect! I was never alowed to demand money with menaces so although i think occasionaly i made a Guy I never profited from it. Ohh & trick or treeting has become farely normal over here in reasent yrs, but again my parents wer't keen so i think I went twice & only to v close neighbours.