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Posted By: Allan S.
24-Jan-99 - 06:38 PM
Thread Name: 'Orrible Murder!
Subject: RE: 'Orribble Murder!!
Love a good murder ballad. Those who know me my motto is "The higher the body count the better the song. Out did my self. did the Titanic last time. An old camp song the kids love it. especally the verse that ends "Uncles and aunts little children peeded their pants it was sad when that great ship went down. Seriously THe old murder ballads were the newspapers of years ago. And I think death in a family was more common 100 years ago. Before modern medicine 1 out of 4 children died before their first year. My gmother had 7 ch. and 5 survived. Im the civil war more Americans died whan were killed in WW 1&2 korea and Nam. An old friend had a gg Grandmother who was a mid wife in a very rual area and said it was common to give Iodine to seriously deformed child at birth. In parts of europe it was commonto put a 5 or 6 year old out of the house to fend for it self. THey simpily did not have enough to feed the child. In England young boys went to sea at the age of 8 Also 200 years ago there was a different concept of heaven. and God than the one that is PC today I think it made death easier to deal with if one believed in an after life Were they correct?? who is right? Oh yes the ancient Hebrew in the old testiment does not say "You shall not kill" It translates as "you shall not murder" I leave you with a quote "There are things which the human mind has the capicity to grasp and there are things which the mind in no way can fathom." Maimonides Heavy Stuff