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Posted By: DonMeixner
20-Sep-01 - 04:36 PM
Thread Name: Help: Playing partial chords
Subject: Playing partial chords
Well in my ongoing attempt to do more with less I have discovered playing partial chords. When playing in "G" with "G" chord shapes I have started playing on;y the top of the "C". That is The "C" note on the "B" string the "G" note on the "E" string and playing the "G" string open. I know this gives me a chord that is neither major nor minor but it allows me to play a "C" sounding chord with out having to use all the fingers on my left hand.

This works fine as far as it goes but are there other combinations I could try? I'm looking to capo up the neck to lessen the reach I need to use as well. Capoing at five and playing "G" shapes to get to the key of "C" frinstince, altho' "Bm" is still a nightmare.

Is this question clear to anyone but me?

Thanks in advance, you guys always come through.