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Posted By: georgeward
21-Sep-01 - 02:35 AM
Thread Name: Help: Playing partial chords
Subject: RE: Help: Playing partial chords
In a number of situations, you can use just strings 2,3&4 of the Bm chord (it's just a basic Am shape moved up 2 frets), and it will sound pretty reasonable. Easy with either pick or fingers. Or, come to that, just strings 1,2&3 if you don't mind that it is all treble. If you want just the bass sound, you could play just 2-on-5 (fret-on-string) and 2-on-6.

All of these work. I don't like any of'em where the chord is exposed (e.g. if Bm is the key you-re playing in), because there's no low root tone. But that's an as-a-rule thing too. There are always exceptions.

You can get really minimalist and just play chord roots (C for a C chord, F# for F#m, D for Dmin7, etc.)! If you have the courage of your convictions and can let a single bass note define several beats, it is a great cure for strummety-strum. Seems to me Pete Seeger went through a period of doing that, on the banjo, no less.

Q: Are you doing this to find easy solutions to "difficult" chords, to overcome physical problems (e.g. hand injury) or to find new chord voicings ? You'll approach each case differently.

Forgive me if this is simpler than what you're after.

-George ::-.--O