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Posted By: Steve in Idaho
21-Sep-01 - 11:44 AM
Thread Name: Session take-over - help
Subject: RE: Session take-over - help
I generally go a time or two to see if what I play mixes well with what others are doing. If not and I enjoy the music I become a listener for the evening. I don't go back if the above has occurred. But I am also someone who does not enjoy playing to a crowd. 5-6 pickers in my, or a friends, living room works for me. Invitation only and those who are regulars know to ask about bringing a friend. We have a small pot luck at the same time.

We are also very good about allowing beginners into the sessions. We all started somewhere with an experienced person standing behind us calling out the chord changes of a song we were trying to keep up with.

I have, however, seen my Brother take a person's guitar, put it in its case, and escort the person to their car with the words "Don't come back." This was at a session at my home - pretty nice when company feels like family - well he is family.

Best of luck and let your own personna dictate the course of action you take.
Peace - Steve