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Posted By: wysiwyg
23-Sep-01 - 12:42 AM
Thread Name: Slavery-Era Song, 'Run, ======, Run'
Subject: Slavery-Era Song, 'Run, ======, Run'
This is Part Two of a discussion that began HERE.

The titles for this song vary, such as:
"Run, Slave, Run"
"Run, Nigger, Run"
"Run, Chillun, Run"
"Run, Jimmie, Run"
"Run, Johnnie, Run"
"Run, Boy, Run"
"The Pateroller Song"
"Fire on the Mountain" (esp for the tune)

The song is usually understood to refer to slaves escaping patrols after Nat Turner's Revolt of 1832 (US history). Other applications of the song have included such things as "Run, Preacher, Run."

Part One of this thread includes detail on the above, verses, discography, and information about when it may have originated. A link is provided to another earlier thread, also containing good information. It also includes a discussion about the use of the term "Nigger" in a historical context, in a diverse, multicultural forum.

This "Part Two" thread , since it provides links to the earlier discussions, is the one that will be included in the Mudcat index thread, "Spirituals Posted at Mudcat," along with an increasingly-large number of other songs from the US slavery era.