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Posted By: Big Mick
23-Sep-01 - 03:38 PM
Thread Name: Slavery-Era Song, 'Run, ======, Run'
Subject: RE: Slavery-Era Song, 'Run, ======, Run'
Actually Mary, there have been any number of threads with words in titles that I found offensive. I never brought it up because it was a discussion. I just stayed away. In fact, I stayed away from this one for a long time because I disliked it. During the "Songs of the Orange Tradition" discussion there were several. You see, I can't defend my position and ability to use words if I am attacking others. This horrible word is used in a song title, and was likely used by the slaves themselves. I guess I have a problem with a bunch of well intentioned white folks trying to tell someone like Leadbelly that he was wrong. It is a discussion on a song. What is the use of changing a song to make it nicer, when one is discussing the song. To illustrate further, if the discussion had been about what we do when we sing a song that we find offensive, that would be one thing. This thread was a request for lyrics and information about a song. And the response was something akin to "OK, but only if you change the name of the song so it doesn't offend me". I don't know if I am being clear, but that seems to me to be wrong. As I tried to explain to Kat, I understand her premise, I just disagree. Leave it alone.

One more thing about being afraid that people you recommended this place to and are afraid they will misunderstand. Have a little faith in them. All they have to do is read the first six posts and they will see a legitimate discussion. Probably would even jump in.