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Posted By: Liam's Brother
26-Jan-99 - 03:16 PM
Thread Name: Kid mudcateers...
Subject: RE: Kid mudcateers...
Hi Shambles!

With a "handle" like "Shambles," I assume you are from York. I'm trying to forget what a limerjack is and you'd like to know about it!!!

Seriously, it's a wooden toy one-half of which looks like a 12-inch long person with a stick coming out of his back. Maybe it's a spear that stuck in very well! This person has arms and legs that rotate 360 degrees. All of that would be ok if it were not for one-half #2 which is kind of like a diving board. Part #1 dances (make that clack-clack dances) on part #2 and makes a hell of a racket.

This is a great little guy for people to accompany their own singing but to inflict such a loud thing on singers and audience when the operator is just developing a sense of timing is a shame.

Hey, that's a limberjack. I've said my piece (or is it peace).

All the best,