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Posted By: Troll
24-Sep-01 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Subject: RE: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Deda, I've seen enough dead people to last me several lifetimes. I can't speak for Doug, but for me "good things happening" would be the cessation of terrorist activity world-wide with as few deaths on any side as possible.
What no one seems to really understand yet is that this is not a political problem of "have vs. have-not".And it can't be solved by throwing money at it. Admittedly it is political in some cases -the ETA (Basque separatists) comes to mind- but not with bin Laden.
Tell me, how do you negotiate with a man who is quite willing to die if he can take you with him? Give in to his demands?
bin Laden wants world-wide Isalm; nothing more, nothing less and he is prepared to kill every man ,woman, and child that he perceives as being between him and his goal. That includes most of us.
A "good thing" would be all of us ( the US and allies) getting out of this alive.
To inject a little sarcasm, I somehow don't think telling Mr. bin Laden to behave or he'll get no jam with tea is going to have much effect.