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25-Sep-01 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Subject: RE: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Hey Joe, Did You know that the British Captain who asked John Paul Jones if he was surendering, was knighted for his heroism in sacrificing his ship and himself so that the convoy of merchant ships that he was escorting escaped and was unscathed. He saved the convoy by fighting off 3 (three) ships, "Bon Homme Richard" a three decker (ship of the Line) and two French Frigates.

Upon hearing the news about the Knighthood, Capt Jones, never at a loss for words, remarked "If our paths cross again, I'll make a Lord of him" (or words to that effects.

The terrorists responsible for the Sept 11th attack, don't really know what kind of trouble they are in. Remember the "Rattlesnake Flag" with the words "Don't Tread On Me" that was used during our war of indpendence???
Well, THE TREAD ON US. and will surely feel our bite.

One really pissed off Yankee
Jody Gibson