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Posted By: Mrrzy
25-Sep-01 - 09:31 AM
Thread Name: Prayer-Free Mourning
Subject: RE: Prayer-Free Mourning
Ipse dixit, Norton1, translated by Heinlein as "you sure said a mouthful" - that is exactly what I mean. And RichM, I'm trying to pull away from the supernatural, which is what any faith in any deity or anything resembling a deity is, and deal with the horrors of the here and now IN the here and now. Certain middle-east "folks" are calling for a holy war; apparently so is our government. That would be a secondary tragedy, to my way of thinking. This MUST, truly MUST, be kept out of the field of superstition and brought/maintained in the arena of CRIME. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into Osama's or any other fanatic's trap, let alone jump in with both feet as our Fearless Leader appears to be doing. Those folks are MASS MURDERERS, and should be regarded/treated as such.

But now I've been drawn into thread creep myself, sorry!