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Posted By: MAG
25-Sep-01 - 08:15 PM
Thread Name: Prayer-Free Mourning
Subject: RE: Prayer-Free Mourning
I'm sad, sad, sad that all the excellent advice on how to handle this crisis on NPR and elsewhere seems to be falling by the wayside in favor of "They will pay." No matter that "they" welcome death at our hands (martyrdom) or that military action will hurt the wrong people.

I'm sad that the vast majority of experts on the Middle East have been saying for decades that Arafat is a moderate, and that heavy-handedness against the Palestinians only made the fringe more frustrated and desperate. not to mention more powerful with the masses.

I'm sad that once again the justness of a cause has been blown to bits by terrorism, which, IMHO, is always wrong. committed against the King David Hotel, or the Sandinista government of Nicaragua, or pubgoers.

Thank you, Mrzzy. or is that Mrrzy??