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Posted By: Burke
25-Sep-01 - 11:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Subject: RE: BS: America has LOST THE WAR
Deda quoted some statistics above about Afghanistan that seemed all wrong, since it's population would be almost as many as in the US. Here's information from The World Almanac Knowledge Source

The population, predominantly rural, may be divided into four main ethnic groups. The Pathans (Pashtuns), or true Afghans, make up about 38% of the total population and are divided into two subgroups, the Durani and Ghilzais. The Tajiks, of Iranian stock, make up about 25%, and most of the remainder consists of Hazaras (19%) and Uzbeks (6%). About 80% of the people live and work in rural areas, and many still lead a nomadic life.

Population Characteristics.
A 1979 census placed the population at 15,551,358. The overall population density was 24 persons per sq km (62 per sq mi). The resident population of Afghanistan was estimated at 14,825,000 in 1989; another 5.6 million were refugees of the war of the '80s, living in Pakistan and Iran. More than half of these refugees returned to Afghanistan in the early 1990s. The country faced a new crisis in 2000-1, as an estimated 500,000 people sought refuge in tent camps in N and W Afghanistan, and another 180,000 crossed the border into Pakistan.