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Posted By: CapriUni
26-Sep-01 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: Singing 'in the round' ;-) -- any tips?
Subject: Singing 'in the round' -- any tips?

I've recently developed a fascination with rounds: deceptively simple tunes when sung in unison that blossom into complex harmonies and rhythms when the parts follow each other.

It's seems to me that round singing (also called "trolling" -- the *good* kind of trolling, around here ;-)) is an execellent metaphor for democracy, and creativity in general -- people united in singing, but not exactly singing together, and out of that, something totally unexpected and wonderful comes.

It's all great in theory, of course... the problem comes in actually *doing* it! Like many people, I suspect, I have trouble staying with my part -- my voice wants to follow my ears, and I find myself "slipping" into the parts sung by the people around me. I'm sure practice will help this -- but how do you practice alone?!

Also (speaking of singing alone), any tips for encouraging people to join you in a round?