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Posted By: CapriUni
27-Sep-01 - 12:17 AM
Thread Name: Singing 'in the round' ;-) -- any tips?
Subject: RE: Singing 'in the round' ;-) -- any tips?
Joe Offer -- Thanks for the tip on listening for the chords, I'll definitely try that. And for the suggestion of "Rounds Galore!" I've bookmarked the site.

Aminaterra -- thanks for the link to the previous thread on rounds, I downloaded the midi to "A Catch on Cats" (which MMario posted there) from Alan's midi page, but I couldn't find the lyrics in digitrad. Now, I have both. It's a beautiful melody, but I think I'll master the shorter rounds before I tackle that one ;-)

IanB --

As for "Adult" versus "simple" lyrics, I personally find the simplicity of many rounds to be one of their more endearing qualities.

But there is one round that we used to sing in high school (actually, the school was pre-K- through 12) for our Thanksgiving gathering that's been going though my head a lot since the attacks two weeks ago (to the tune of "Rose, Rose, Rose, Red")

What a lovely thing
if the children of all men*
could dwell together
in peace, oh!

*in my own personal version, I've changed this line to "children of all Earth"

I don't have a midi of this song, and I've never seen a score for it -- it's truly part of my oral tradition... But I've been trying to figure it out, plunking the notes on a keyboard and all that... Unless someone puts it up before me, I'll send it to Alan's midi page eventually.