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Posted By: robomatic
28-Sep-01 - 12:11 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Before They Tow My Car Away (Hartford)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Before They Tow My Car Away
This has become a great thread, with newly invented lyrics, wonder how they'd go with the tune.

I can't speak much to the tune, I think I remember it but I don't remember much by way of instrumentation, haven't heard the song since it came out and was played most likely in 1970 or 71 on WCRB out of Waltham, Massachusetts. They were a formal classical station but on Saturday nights they let their hair down and the Veep of the station (Or assistant manager) Richard L. Kaye would play Goon shows, Bob Newhart, and songs like that which initiated this thread. They would always have a cake and invite listeners over for Beethoven's Birthday, which was in December. He had a buddy who ran a radio station in Cleveland and they would both celebrate Hinkley Buzzard Day (March 15). There was a song associated with that:

Incidentally I live in Alaska, not Calif., but I've got Calif. ties.

When the Buzzards come back
Come back to Hinkley

I remember that day
That day in Hinkley
Oh I never will forget
It was raining we were wet

When the buzzards appeared
Appeared in Hinkley
Hand in hand we scanned the sky
We were happy, she and I


Though the morning may be murky
Suddenly a turkey
Buzzard will circle the sky
And once more, we'll be together, she and I