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Posted By: Frank in NJ
28-Jan-99 - 11:42 PM
Thread Name: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
Subject: RE: Info/Opinions RE: Martin Guitars
The more opinions...the closer reality. I've played guitar over fifty years. My first Silvertone and Stella had the best sound for the type of music I then played. They still today cause me to go back to the old style I played on them when they were new. My 1935 Martin suggests to me that I play still yet another style. My Martin D28 suggests I play a more modern style. My Martin D35 suggests I play hard driving rythm. Each decade has a sound of its own and a guitar associated with that sound. Many of my friends have quality/expensive non Martin guitars. A few of those are a joy to play, but none to my ear have the "throat" of any of my Martins. In fact astonishing at it may seem on many many occations when a group of Martins are playing, the other brands sound out of tune. Try as one may to "tune them in" they still clash and sound out of place. As far as good sound among Martins, pre 1969 & pre truss rod are the best. Why? Better choice of wood. The good old sound "went the way" with the old trees and tube radios. If you never heard that sound you will not miss it. As you can plainly see this is guide for only us old folks. We still prefer the sound of cylinders and 78's to the nude sound of DAT and disc. When you "put your Martin up" for more than a few hours, tune it down at least three frets and retune when you want to play again, especially if you use heavy gage strings as came on the old Martins. You will never then need a neck reset or a "tuner" and the saddle and bridge will reward you with the "dream touch" of the pre-war Martin D's. I could go on but there are not many of us still around to listen. The answer to the question is another question. Who drove the price of the old Martins out of the reach of those who should be playing them today? Why is that? I still play out once or twice a week, and when I open my case, more often than not, some guitar player will glide on over and ask "what year is your Martin?" Think on that! Thanks to all you great Mudcatters for the great sounding board! Want to trade your house for my old D-45????