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Posted By: Dunc
01-Oct-01 - 07:46 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Willie Macnamara (Matt McGinn)
Subject: Matt McGinn Songs
I have tried on several occasions to track down two songs that Matt McGinn used to sing.
The first one, I am sure he wrote himself.
It's called 'Willie McNamarra'.
The opening line goes something like:
There was a fellow frae the Galla' Gate
His name it was Willie McNamarra
And the way that he made his livin' was
By gi'in a short weight frae a barra

It then goes on about 'a wee fly man' that Willie gets into a fight with over the price of something on his barra.

The second one is called 'Old Johnny Bull' but I don't know if Matt wrote this one. It has a opening Chorus of:
Old Johnny Bull was a silly old fool
He was drunk both night and day
He swore that the hair on his head was fair
But the ruddy old stuff was grey, was grey
The ruddy old stuff was grey

I have a copy of the book McGinn of the Carlton which contains many of his songs... but neither of these mentioned above. I have tried various search engines and drawn a blank.
I would also add that the Mudcat Cafe has never let me down in the past when it comes to finding info on songs so with no pressure what so ever...over to you.