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Posted By: raredance
02-Oct-01 - 12:34 AM
Thread Name: Origins/Meaning: Follow the Drinking Gourd
Subject: RE: Help: Follow the Drinking Gourd meanings
The reprint of the Dobie book contains the Parks article that Masato has been citing. The original Dobie book is from 1928. I have a copy of a 1965 reprint. The Parks article is just 4 pages long. Judging from the summaries and quotes Hasato has entered, he has the entire article from a secondary source. Nevertheless, I will see if I can get a scanned copy of the whole article to post here, so Masato doesn't have to type it in paragraph by paragraph. Since the little boy's grandfather in 1912 knew the song was bad luck we can be reasonably sure that the song predates 1912. We just don't know by how much.

rich r