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Posted By: Liz the Squeak
02-Oct-01 - 01:26 AM
Thread Name: Help: Fallen in Love
Subject: RE: Help: Fallen in Love
ER.. on a Beatles theme, I'd go for Help!

Then there is 'the Rose', and Martym Wyndham Reid's 'I will love you'....

I always find James Stewart's 'You got a friend' best. It's all very well falling passionately in love with someone, so that your stomach flips and your heart does the samba whilst your face goes scarlet and your naughty bits start trying to tell your brain what to do because the aforementioned brain is sitting there doing sod all, and you need to go change your underwear, but a friend is one who loves you despite the palpitations, hot flashes, stupid expression, intestinal noises and frequent changes of clothing. Make a friend first. Fall in love with them later.

Good luck.

And there are several threads for the 'how can I miss you if you won't go away' or 'where did our love go?' type songs that you will probably end up needing in a few months, maybe a year if your lucky.....

Am I an old cynic or what??