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Posted By: Gervase
04-Oct-01 - 06:49 AM
Thread Name: Help: Fallen in Love
Subject: Lyr Add: BONNET AND SHAWL (Dave Webber)
For a bloke, the Dave Webber song Bonnet and Shawl isn't bad as a declaration of love...

(Dave Webber)
As recorded by Dave Webber (and Anni Fentiman and others on the chorus) on "Bonnet & Shawl" (1996)

Now, madam, I've waited a very long time,
To ask you if you could but spare me some time,
For there's things in me heart I've been longin' to say,
But try as I might sure I can't find a way.

CHORUS: And I'll show you the sun 'cross the fields in the morn.
I'll fetch thee a bonnet and deck it with corn.
I'll buy thee a shawl thread with ribbons of blue,
To show you the measure I'd trouble for you.

Now I know that me fortune be pitiful small,
And apart from me cottage I've nothing at all,
But there's store in me garden and fruit on me tree,
And I'd be awful proud if thou'd share 'em with me.

Now I'm thinking it likely as you'll never be mine,
For I'd be a poor catch for a woman so fine,
But if I never ask thee, then I'll never know,
If by some small chance you some favour might show.

Now, madam, I see by the look in your eye,
That you might be thinking the same thing as I,
So come take me hand and we'll walk in full view,
And give the old gossips some tonguing to do.

But don't talk to me about love - it's too much of a messy business, or maybe I'm just too much of a curmudgeonly old cynic.