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Posted By: mousethief
05-Oct-01 - 06:02 PM
Thread Name: What if there wasn't music????
Subject: RE: What if there wasn't music????
No no, Bill D, it's not "what if there wasn't color" but "what if there wasn't music."

I agree with you, Wesley, on noise pollution. Recently went to a little resort town to stroll the shops, and one particular shop had blaring music over loudspeakers outside. It was abhorrent. You had to go inside, because inside, although they were playing the same music, it was many times quieter.

Orthodox worship services are nearly all music. If you took away our music we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.

I thought Ravel's "Bolero" was the best intimate-moment music? What movie was that in? "10"?

Phil, I'm with you 100% on which would you rather lose, hearing or sight? Music is waaaaaaaay more important to me than visual-medium arts or even sunsets and waterfalls (which I do love).

I also hate when you're sitting at a red light, and trying to hear something on the news and the radio has decided it doesn't like the reception and is going bkoiikkk-zzzzzzzub and then some idiot in an over-polished car pulls up alongside and all you can hear is the THUMBP THUMBP THUMBP THUMBP of their megawatt subwoofer system. Surely no grand jury could possibly indict me for murdering such a driver....