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Posted By: Mudlark
08-Oct-01 - 02:52 AM
Thread Name: What if there wasn't music????
Subject: RE: What if there wasn't music????
Without A Song

(B. Rose / E. Eliscu / V. Youmans)

With thanks to B. Rose/E. Eliscu/V. Youmans...

Without a song, the day would never end..
Without a song the road would never bend..
When things go wrong, a man ain't got a friend.
Without a song.

That field of corn would never see a plow..
That field of corn would be deserted now..
A man is born, but he's no good no-how.
Without a song..

I got my troubles and woe,.
but sure as I know that Jordan will roll.
I'll get along as long as a song is strong in my soul.

I'll never know what makes the rain to fall.
I'll never know what makes the grass so tall.
I only know there ain't no love at all.
Without a song!!.

This has been going around in my head ever since this thread appeared...I'd be hard put to drive, clean, garden, mow, do dishes, cook, among other things, wi/out listening, singing or both. Agree tho on the canned music everywhere from supermarket to elevator...and I'm pretty sure road rage is a direct result of being stuck next to vehicular bass thump....