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Posted By: Haruo
08-Oct-01 - 02:54 AM
Thread Name: What if there wasn't music????
Subject: Mosquesitting with Friends
I just posted this in a new thread called "Mosquesitting with Friends", and then discovered this thread where it seemed so topical I thought I'd better crosspost it...

I spent the day (1-6 pm) standing around (and, towards the end, sitting around) in front of the Idriss Mosque in Seattle's Northgate neighborhood. About every third car that drove by honked or waved in support; I think we actually have grown up a bit since Pearl Harbor, or even since the Iran hostages. Encouraging. No signs of any hostility towards the mosque (though I saw a few cases of road rage directed at other drivers).

Since they don't seem to sing in worship, I don't think I'd make much of a Muslim. One of my fellow mosquesitters was a Quaker woman, and I mentioned to her that I probably wouldn't make much of a Friend, either, for the same reason, and she surprised me by telling me that twice a month they gather for "Worship in Music" prior to the meeting. I'll have to check it out.

So I guess this thread is to collect anecdotal evidence on both Islamic and Quaker music in worship. As well as encomiums for us non-anti-Islamic Americans. FWIW. Anybody?