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Posted By: Peg
08-Oct-01 - 03:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: thoughts on Clinton
Subject: BS: thoughts on Clinton
A friend forwarded this to me. It certainly puts an interesting spin on things.

(written by Bella Grossman)

Bombing the World Trade Center is a big story.

You know what's not a big story? Clinton's sex life.

The GOP and the whore media spent nine years rooting around in Clinton's zipper for the big story.

The GOP constantly called it "a constitutional crisis." The GOP made that non-story the focus of everything for nine years. The GOP told us it was "crucial" that Paula Jones got her day in court.

Henry Hyde said "the flag was falling" over Monica's lips. The GOP had their hero, Louis Freeh, chasing Clinton's sex life with more agents than investigated TWA Flight 800 and the Oklahoma City massacre COMBINED.

Think about that sentence for a minute.

The GOP swarmed the state of Arkansas trying to find some woman who would give them some juicy details about what was behind Clinton's zipper.

They chased Liz Gracen to Japan, using your tax dollars and several trained agents who could've been looking into bin Laden's activities, instead. Meanwhile, terrorists were burrowing into our society, trying to fit in.

Maybe if Louis Freeh had spent more time doing his goddamn job pursuing terrorists instead of concentrating so much on Clinton's zipper, they might have found something. How many tens of millions did the FBI spend investigating Clinton? And what if all that time and all that money had been spent searching for terrorists instead? How much time did Intelligence Committee Chairman Shelby spend attacking Clinton instead of terrorists? Shelby was looking into Clinton's zipper instead of doing his damn job. And what if the Media had spent the last 2 years reporting on terrorism instead of sex?

When Clinton attacked Bin Laden, he got nothing but vicious criticism from the GOP. (And, of course, the weenie Democrats stood silent while they did it.) They called it Wagging the Dog. They could have said "Hit him again, harder," but that would have taken attention away from their investigation of the size and shape of the Presidential member.

Remember how many years Rush and Liddy and Hannity and O'Reilly spent wondering which way the Presidential member tilted? That was very, very, very important to the Republican Party.

While bin Laden was recruiting and training his army of pilots, the GOP and the FBI was busy profiling Clinton's cock.

The GOP has been screaming "The idiot bombed an aspirin factory" when he went after bin Laden. While being hunted by the press and the hateful GOP, Bill Clinton was doing his job. Clinton was the only one doing his job the last few years. Any time Clinton took action in America's interests, the GOP and the whore press screamed that "Clinton was trying to distract us" from THEIR nine-year zipper hunt, when he was just doing his job. So I want you to remember...

While Orrin Hatch, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, John Ashcroft, Newt Gingrich and the crooked Supreme Court were telling us it was very, very, very, very important to get every tiny detail about Monica and Bill, and it was so important they spent perhaps a hundred million dollars investigating that matter...

...all the while, bin Laden was busy renting flight simulators and making plane reservations.

Look at the price WE have paid for the GO