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Posted By: Haruo
08-Oct-01 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: What if there wasn't music????
Subject: RE: What if there wasn't music????
My apologies to INOBU for leaving you dangling in the other thread. Actually, for a while I didn't know I had, since you posted yours while I was composing my invitation to this thread.

And of course I didn't say nor mean that either Quakers or Muslims "don't sing", only that my impression was they didn't sing in worship services", i.e. in meeting or at prayers in the mosque (aside from the muezzin's call to worship). And I still think Quakers of the silent meeting type don't sing in those meetings, though I was corrected by my fellow mosquesitter who said they do sing in worship prior to meetings. And of course I know there are Evangelical Quakers who are hardly more silent than we Baptists. ;-) But then, they also countenance military service, which sounds unFriendly to me.