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Posted By: JohnInKansas
08-Oct-01 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: Tech Hints PermaThread™
Subject: RE: Tech Hints PermaThread™

Pending a decision on whether to do something with it, I'm adding a link here to a post of interest to MAC drivers - and musicians and MIDI nuts. I haven't checked the links given in the thread, but it looks like Amos has done some good research. Hope it is agreeable to have a link here so I don't have to add another trace.

Quoting Amos:

Subject: Macs, Music and MIDI From: Amos Date: 07-Oct-01 - 11:15 PM
I submit this as a possible permathread.


Thanks, John. I've added it to the PermaThread index page, but haven't given it full PermaThread status yet. We'll se where it goes.
-Joe Offer-