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Posted By: BH
08-Oct-01 - 08:57 PM
Thread Name: New Song: A Foreign War
Subject: RE: New Song: A Foreign War
WHy no soap boxes? Merely a commentary stating the thoughts representing innocents massacred---as I would have felt about the innocents at Mai Lai, Buchenwald etc;

As to watching images on TV. Think how this affect adults and children---compressed on a small screen like a cartoon or action film.

Radio can bring the horror more into context---and with the proper program into context of what is going on.

Not the scare headlines of the tabloids.

Peace would be nice---perhaps we---for the first time--have gotten past revenge and are looking for ways to retalitate and erase terrorism along with the sensitivity of spending millions to drop supplies to the innocents.

Having sad memories and flashbacks are a sad thing---I too have them. But, let us stay in the present---the r eality is that our innocents have been murdered. Our society is in jeopardy.


Bill Hahn