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Posted By: GUEST,Celtic Soul
09-Oct-01 - 03:07 PM
Thread Name: For pedants only
Subject: RE: For pedants only
I cannot afford to be a pedant. My language skills are decent, but not up to the level necessary for pedantatiousness (I *am*, however, a creative vocabularist!!)

My pet peeves are words that do not, or better put, should not exist that are used in seriousness. Like the fact that "Normalcy" is now considered a valid word because some illiterate President (FDR, I think?) did not know the correct word was "Normality".

How about "Irregardless"? That sounds like a double negative to me. However, as it is so widely used (instead of the proper "regardless"), it too is in the dictionary. At least, it is on this side of the pond. Hopefully you Brits have more respect for the language than to add glaring errors into the dictionary.

But again, who am I to cast stones? I am one of the ones that doesn't get the apostrophe thing! ;D