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Posted By: rick fielding
03-Feb-99 - 12:00 AM
Thread Name: Playing inspite of injury/disability
Subject: RE: Playing inspite of injury/disability
Hi Art, just a couple of things. I found your new CD in the radio station library a week ago, and broke a ten year rule of only playing music from my own collection of many years and recordings that have been sent to me personally. Instead of the hour's worth of material I had planned, the show (Acoustic Workshop) became an Art Theime concert! Like a good potato chip, one A.T. song is just not enough! I started getting phone calls..and don't be insulted, but most of my listeners (the younger ones) were unfamiliar with your work. Well the calls kept coming, and by the end of the show I had read most of the liner notes to them. I guess in a nutshell this is why I continue to free up my Mondays week in and week out. Knowing that it's still possible to subvert a dozen or so 19 year year olds in one hour is a huge Kick. The best question of the night came from one Aiden Mason who after hearing "The Death of Robin Hood" and I guess knowing that I had done "The Birth of Robin Hood", wanted to know if "there were any songs about his life?" Hoooo Boy! This kid doesn't know what he's in for in the next few weeks.

One other thing. Years ago I met a guy in Peterborough (Ont) who had (I think) the same miseries that you're going through. He had dispensed with regular picking and played his Gibson on his lap with a raised nut adapter and a Stevens Dobro bar. He sang a lot of old tunes and the accompaniment was simple and very effective. Is this a possibility?