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Posted By: M.Ted
13-Oct-01 - 03:27 PM
Thread Name: Building stamina - guitar backup
Subject: RE: Building stamina - guitar backup
Bucky Pizzarelli was definitely one of the guitar greats, and John is not only a great player, but quite a good singer and entertainer--I loved his work in the Johnny Mercer show--

Chords usually only consist of three or four notes, and, even when the full a great 13th chord, has more notes, the meodic flavor is stronger if a few of the notes are dropped out(the fifth and even the fundamental can often be dropped to very good effect)-- The chord/melody technique seems impossible to players who are obsessed with the "full chord played on every beat" mentality-- chord melody is based on the idea that less is more, with chords connected by single note melody or bass lines, and emphasized the sound and voice of the chord, rather than simply it's rhythmic value--