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Posted By: Hilary
13-Oct-01 - 07:07 PM
Thread Name: Help - multiple keys on whistles
Subject: Help - multiple keys on whistles
Please help, I'm getting confused.

I'm comfortable playing C,D,Eb whistles, less comfortable with Bb & G so I'm just thinking about the first three for the moment.

D & G fingerings are straightforward to play which produces ( I think )

Whistle Fingering Major (& Minor Keys ????) D D D Bm C D C Am Eb D Eb Cm D G G Em C G F Dm Eb G Ab Fm

I'm fairly confident up to the major keys on the Eb, but have I got the minor keys produced right ???? My 'thinking' is shown below.

As going back a LONG way to music lessons at school, Am has no sharps/flats like C, base note/doh of A Em has 1 sharp like G, base note of E Bm has 2 sharps like D, base note of B Etc etc

This is where I think I may have missed something Does Em having 1 sharp (like G) mean I can play G fingering on a C whistle to produce Dm ??? And Bm having 2 sharps mean I could use D fingering on an Eb to produce Cm ???? (just as examples to test the theory)

If I'm way off - please just point me in the direction of a suitable tutor book/site.

Much thanks