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Posted By: Phil Cooper
14-Oct-01 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: What songs can you sing in a folk club?
Subject: RE: BS: What songs can you sing in a folk club?
I've participated in a variety of song circles. Usually they have not been too high church about repertoire. My local song circle (in the Chicago area) emphasizes more contemporary stuff than traditional. When my turn comes, I'll sing something traditional if the circle has been heavily going the other direction. I try to be careful about what I turn my own nose up at. A few years ago, someone told my singing partner, Margaret, that they were at the Fox Valley song circle. Their forte was playing bluegrass/swing style songs. That's not my favorite genre of music and I guess it showed in my facial expression. They did not come around for long. I felt pretty bad about that and try to look neutral if it's something I'm not fond of (the idea of song circles being inclusive is important, I think). I was also at what was billed a traditional song circle at one of the folk alliance conferences. It was lightly attended (maybe eight participants)and a woman who had been listening in the background finally asked if it was OK to sing a Jesse Winchester song. We, of course said fine. She did a great job and sang some other nice songs during the session. I thought it was a shame to have to ask permission in a situation like that. I disapprove of the trad vs contemporary gap.